Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Samantha Skura moved here after graduating from Roberts Wesleyan College as a certified elementary and special ed teacher. Samantha and her husband Luke live and work in the heart of Springville and love the ability to walk to a restaurant, the movies, or theater. Sam is a volunteer with the First United Methodist Church and is eager to bring her energy and work ethic to village government. 

Rob Moriarty and his wife Julie have made Springville their home since 1998. Rob is the Area Director for Denny’s, overseeing the daily operation of a territory that stretches from Fredonia to Geneva. Rob and his wife have four children and have been active in SYI, the PTA, and Boy Scouts. Rob is the first to install solar panels connected to the village system. Rob is excited to bring new ideas to village government.

We’re running for Village Trustee because we believe it’s time for a change. 
We can bring a fresh perspective:
- Better energy policies to prepare our electric service for the future.
- Tranparency and openess in Village Govt. - We welcome new ideas.
- Working together to ensure that downtown thrives.
- Enough talk! We want action on distressed properties.

Contact Rob and Sam at

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Our opponents seem to think that wanting to make our community better makes us a Special Interest Group. Springville is a special place. We are your Special Interest Group! Our special interest is you, the residents of the Village of Springville.

Come out to the Candidate's Night at the High School on March 10.

Monday, February 3, 2014

Candidates for Village Trustee: Vote March 18

Revitalize Springville envisions a healthy, family friendly community with a vibrant, dense downtown concentration of activity. We want to create a bustling downtown through partnership, grant programs, and tax abatements for rehabilitation projects. Our platform includes better evaluation of key village staff and having conversations with the community about their long-term vision. Year after year of declining school enrollment indicates that we’re not doing enough to make our area attractive. Springville has a great potential to make pedestrian--friendly, “complete streets” with community wayfinding, linkage of green spaces and the development of parks. We believe there should be equitable and consistent enforcement of code for abandoned or historic properties. We want to develop a sustainability plan for long-term viability that includes green initiatives and the use of our municipal utility system to launch innovative energy efficiency measures. We recognize Springville’s position as a community destination and want to create better government cooperation with business, civic and cultural organizations to enhance this.

We support Samantha Skura and Robert Moriarty for Trustee.

Samantha Skura has lived all over as a former army brat but her husband, Luke, comes from a long-time Springville family and she’s thrilled to call this community home. She moved here in 2012 after graduating from Roberts Wesleyan College.

Sam is a certified elementary and special education teacher. She is currently working on her master’s degree and is employed at a Main Street retail business. She volunteers with the Springville First United Methodist Church. Samantha and Luke live in the heart of Springville and love the ability to walk to a restaurant, the movies or the theater. Downtown presents so much potential but like many small towns, Springville faces challenges. She can provide the leadership needed to help our community thrive. As she looks forward to starting her own family, she’s committed to improving Springville for all of us.

She will bring a fresh perspective, collaborative spirit and the energy needed to move our community forward. Vote for Samantha Skura on March 18.

Rob Moriarty and his wife, Julie, have made Springville their home since 1998. Rob earned a BBA in Finance from St. Bonaventure University in 1993. Having developed an appreciation for all that Western New York had to offer, he chose to stay in the area to build his future. A strong ability for business management led him to a career in restaurant management. Beginning as a Restaurant Manager in 1995, he is currently the Area Director for Denny’s Restaurants, and oversees the daily operation of a territory that stretches from Fredonia to Geneva.

Rob and his wife have four children whom they are very proud of: Hannah and Becca are students at Springville Middle School, and Lexi and Robert are students at Springville Elementary School. Rob has enjoyed coaching soccer in the SYI Spring league for the past two years. He enjoys sharing his love of the game with his children, as well as the opportunity to meet other families and help all of the kids develop their skills.

When they first moved to Springville, their realtor described the area as “up and coming, with something always in the works”. This has truly been the case, and Rob is very interested in helping that growth continue as a member of the Village Board of Trustees. Having owned his own business for a short time, he has an appreciation and understanding of the difficulties facing small business owners, and he would like to do what he can to assist with supporting a thriving business district. Rob has always been characterized as being open-minded and detail oriented. He recognizes that Village Trustee is truly a position of trust and faith, and he would do his best to honor that commitment if given the opportunity to represent the residents of Springville. Rob Moriarty for Village Trustee!